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The Presbytery of South Dakota: Come Find Your Call in South Dakota

Answering the Call


Ranked #2 by US News for most natural amenities within the US you can see why people from all over the country have found their call in South Dakota.  From rolling prairies and fields of sunflowers, to the beautiful Badlands and Black Hills National Forest, we truly have it all within our little diamond in the rough, which is why so many pastors have come for a temporary call and have stayed for a lifetime.

Indeed, we are a stoic bunch out here, but we are also loving and authentic.  Do we have snow?  Yes, and a lot of it!  But it’s all part of the adventure that you can find when accepting your next call in South Dakota.

If you have read this far, then you must be intrigued, so read on to learn more about ministry within the Presbytery of South Dakota!

Our Stories

Meet Brian Jones

“I also think that in South Dakota, there is a general trust of the church and of pastors. This means that pastors have an even greater opportunity to really get to know people in the church, and to become a part of the community.”

Meet Bob Jacobs

“It’s always been our hope to be part of a church that we’d want to join even if I weren’t the pastor. That has really been true for us at Westminster – not because it’s perfect, but we’ve fallen in love with the people, the vision, and the setting. “

Want to Learn More

Read our Meet the Pastor Series

Why South Dakota

Land of Opportunity

With over 800,000 people living in South Dakota there is more than enough ministry to be found here.  Within our Presbytery we have 60 congregations totaling 6,000 members, so as you can see we have plenty of room to grow.

Through the help of a denominational grant for Congregational Transformation we have spent the past 3 years working to revitalize our congregations and the ways that we do ministry as a presbytery.  Talented and inspiring pastors from all over the country have partnered with our local ruling elders to create a vibrant and inspiring place to do ministry.  But we do not want to simply sugar-coat things either.

Many of our congregations are struggling to find new life and new direction, which is why fresh faces and fresh talent is so critical to our longterm future as a ministry of all believers.


Facts About the Area

Vibrant and Growing

South Dakota is consistently high ranking for general well-being, business growth, and economic development.

Read here to learn more about how our state compares.

Ministry With The Native Americans

We have nine reservations throughout South Dakota, each one with its own unique identity and needs.  They need more than money and volunteers, they need people to love them and minister with them in a way that honors their traditions and beliefs.

Human Trafficking

Regrettably, South Dakota is ranked #11 in the US for human trafficking.  It is vital that we work together as a church to end this horrific and violent crime.  Learn more here.

Travel South Dakota

Want to learn more?  Visit Travel South Dakota for more information about our incredible state.

Supporting our Pastors

Our Presbytery in Action

The Presbytery of South Dakota is dedicated to supporting our congregations and pastors.  Through newly established and revitalized ministry teams we are here to help.  Most recently we have trained (and continue to train) a highly skilled and dedicated Coaching and Visioning Team that works with pastors and congregations to find new life, vitality, and stability within difficult times of ministry.  Click below to learn more about our ministry teams.

Seeking Congregations

Below is a list of congregations seeking ministry leadership within the Presbytery of South Dakota.  For more information, please click the Ministry Information button to read the Ministry Information Form for each congregation.  


Castlewood, SD


First Presbyterian


Rapid City, SD


First Presbyterian


Parker, SD


First Presbyterian


Mitchell, SD


First Presbyterian


Pierre, SD


Oahe Presbyterian


Platte, SD


Olive Presbyterian


Huron, SD


First Presbyterian