Notice of Study Leave

The Presbytery’s Personnel Team, and with the support of Administration and Coordination, Kevin Veldhuisen has been granted a 3 month study leave which will begin March 5 and run through May 31.  During this time he will not be accessible in order to receive Sabbath time and to focus on studies.  The Personnel team asks everyone to please respect this time away and to provide Kevin with the space he has been granted.

During his time away Kevin plans to take sabbath time to focus  his attention on his family, who has made a number of sacrifices in support of Kevin’s travels for the Presbytery over the past 6 years.  He will also be exploring new ways to be a more effective resource for our ministry teams and congregations, with a primary focus on leadership coaching.  

In his absence you will continue to be very well-supported by the strong leadership throughout the Presbytery.  On our Contacts page of the website is a list of key contacts that you may reach out to should you need anything.

Prior to his leave, Kevin spent considerable time getting our new website developed to be a one-stop resource for our congregations and leaders.  Our Resource pages have a wealth of information that may be valuable to you 24/7.

If the website is not providing the answers you need, or you are unsure of who to contact in a time of need, please call Cindy in the Presbytery Office and she will direct your call to the person who can be of the greatest assistance to you.