By Judy Rops
Of First Presbyterian Church, Sioux Falls

During this coronavirus pandemic, First Presbyterian Church of Sioux Falls has been doing what they can do to stay connected to each other. The Worship Team had an idea to compliment Pastor Nathan Esser’s Easter sermon series called “Heart of the Matter.” The heart of the matter is where light overcomes darkness, love overwhelms hate and life has conquered death.

Members of the congregation were asked to use their talents to create a heart picture. The heart pictures would be displayed in the church foyer and sanctuary beginning on Mother’s Day. The creations could be individual or a family project. Participants were encouraged to use any artistic medium they wished.
When COVID-19 kept the congregation from meeting together in the church building, the Worship Team wondered, “Would anyone still want to participate?”

The answer was, “Yes.” The project was overwhelmingly successful! The sheltering-in-place circumstances allowed the time for individuals and families to create beautiful heart pictures depicting the theme Heart of the Matter using every artistic medium from paper and crayons to buttons and yarn. The beautifully hung pictures adorned the church inside but who would see them?

Pastor Esser was able to give the congregation a virtual tour of the artwork during an online worship service May 3. What joy to see the creations! The congregation is looking forward to the time when they all will be able to see the artwork in person.

God dwells “in the perfection of beauty,” Psalm 50:2 and beauty is seen in the eyes of the believer where the Holy Spirit lives. Thanks be to God.