The Presbytery of South Dakota of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) held a Special Called Meeting via Zoom Video Conference on Monday, October 5, 2020. The business of the meeting was to approve the final terms of sale following the auction for Pioneer Camp.

The Presbytery was called to order by Presbytery Moderator, Jane Hohm, at 5:02 p.m. CT and opened the meeting with prayer.

A motion was made to approve the Presbytery agenda.  Agenda adopted.


Teaching Elders:  Kennen Barber-Ensz, Jerry Bertelson, Marcus Brooks, Donald Buck, Andrew Crandall, Lisa Danielson, Chad Ensz, David Halleen, Pat Hammond, Paul Henschen, Kristi Holler, Bob Jacobs, Diane Janssen Hemmen, Brian Jones, Rolly Kemink, Abigail Ozanne, John Pehrson, Allen Sager, Kathy Saxbury, Kevin Veldhuisen, Carolyn Visser, Steven Voris, Barbara West.

Commissioned Ruling Elders:  Andrew Bellisle, Elizabeth Fox, Gayle Janzen, Steven Johnson, Jerry Lutkemeier, Gary Pribyl, Shirley Scotter, Ann Spitzenberger.

Commissioners:  Lynn Hall-Bison, David Peterson-Brookings, Gordon Brooks-Hot Springs, Louise Van Poll-Huron, Martha Gesick-Marion, Donald Larson-Martin, Richard Palmer-Miller, Heidi Norgaard-Mitchell, Duane Jenner-Pierre, Jane Alberda-Platte, Bill Zavitz-Rapid City First, Claire Gillaspey-Sioux Falls First, Linden Hiller-The Little Stone Church, Deb Hout-Sioux Falls Westminster, Wanda Blair-Sturgis, Holly Butrum-Veblen, Lonnie Greenfield-Watertown.

Other Voting Members:  Jane Hohm-Moderator, Meleta DeJong, Mary Jenner, Denise Lutkemeier, Jeff Nelson, Paula Zavitz-Vice Moderator.

Others Present:  Robert Brooks, Susan Geib, Tami McGuire, Benton Visser, Jason Wiedrich, Ryan Wieman-Wieman Auction.

Teaching Elders: 23

Commissioned Ruling Elders: 8

Commissioners: 17

Other Members of Presbytery: 6


 Approval of sale of Pioneer Camp

A motion came from the Pioneer Sale Commission to approve the winning bid for the sale of Pioneer Camp. The winning bid was $1,810,000. The auctioneers will receive a 4% commission of $72,400, plus the cost of advertising. Motion was approved with 47 in favor, 2 against. The purchaser is a cash buyer, so closing is set for approximately 30 days out from the auction.

Moderator Hohm adjourned the presbytery at 5:42 p.m. with prayer.

Submitted by Kevin Veldhuisen

Stated Clerk and Transitional Mission Coordinator