Annual Reports of Congregations

Resources for the annual reports of congregations


The Annual Reports of the Congregation are an important tool in keeping us all connected and informed.  Below are the resources, instructions and report downloads needed to complete the reports.  As a reminder, the assurance of the completion of all annual reports is your responsibility as clerk of session.  Please work with and obtain accurate information from the appropriate committees or persons within your congregation so that the reports can be approved by your session or congregation and entered online by February 15, 2024.  

Presbytery Reports

The reports below should be mailed or e-mailed to the Presbytery Office by February 15, 2024.  Please work with your treasurer when necessary to complete the Annual Review of Pastor’s / CRE’s Compensation Form.  As a convenience, these are fillable forms that can be downloaded and filled out on your computer.  When complete, you may mail or email those reports back to the Stated Clerk or Presbytery Office.


Annual Report Packet

This is the complete packet of reports that should be completed for the Presbytery.  A checklist is included and each report is a fillable form for easier completion.  When completed please mail or email the packet back to the Presbytery Office.


Understanding Effective Salary

This document is published by the Board of Pensions to help congregations understand accurate creation and reporting of effective salary for Pastors.  This is an excellent resource when completing the Annual Compensation of Pastor’s / CRE’s Salary Form.

Annual Statistics of the Church for the Office of General Assembly

General Assembly The Annual Statistics of the Church Report is a mandatory report and must be filled out by each clerk.   This report will determine your 2023 per capita apportionment, so please be sure to fill this out as accurately as possible.  If you are in an absolute time crunch simply fill out the initial membership totals on the first page and push submit.  Deadlines will no longer be extended by the Office of General Assembly, so please be diligent with your time. 

Deadline: February 15, 2024

Statistical Report Worksheet – Fillable Form

You may access the online statistical report form here

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