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So You’re a Clerk. Now what?!

Fear not, all is well. Although we each have responded to a personal invitation, God was behind it the whole time.

Being a ruling elder is a ministry to which we are ordained. Ruling elders answer the same questions at ordination as teaching elders answer, except those questions specifically related to the duties of the ministry.

Principles of our Polity

The principles of our polity run deep, though they are often misunderstood. At their core our beliefs in government uphold:

  • The rights and the unity of the body shall be preserved;
  • The will of the majority shall prevail;
  • The rights of the minority shall be protected.

Navigating our Constitution

  • Part 1: Book of Confessions
  • Part 2: Book of Order

It is critical to remember that our Confessions is the first part of our contitution and the foundations of our decisions start with Scripture first and our Confessions second. Only after that do we move to the Book of Order for guidance.

Our Roots

The Presbyterian Church was born out of the fires of the Reformation…and under the leadership of a French Lawyer by the name of John Calvin…who believed that the reformation of the church was essential if we were to get back to the Bible as the sole source of authority for the Church.

Reformed and Always Reforming

  • The church, in obedience to Jesus Christ, is open to the reforming of its standards of doctrine as well as its governance.
  • The church affirms “The church reformed, always to be reformed according to the Word of God” in the power of the Spirit. F-2.02

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