Clerk’s Resources and Guides

Sample documents, guides, and other helpful information for the “day to day” work of the clerk and the congregation you support.

Constitution of the PC(USA)


Book of Confessions

The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) consists of two volumes. Part I of the Constitution is the Book of Confessions, which contains the official texts of the confessional documents.

Book of Order

Part II of the Constitution, the Book of Order, is published separately and consists of four sections: The Foundations of Presbyterian Polity, the Form of Government, the Directory for Worship, and the Rules of Discipline.

Clerk of Session Training Resources


Handbook for Clerks of Session

This handbook is designed to assist Clerk’s in their work and to insure that they have easily accessible information about what must be included in the session record books.

Clerk of Session Training PowerPoint

Thorough training PowerPoint containing a overview of the structure of the Presbyterian Church, the role of the Clerk, and responsibilities within the Session


Session Guide of Responsibilities

Chart that details actions at meetings, monthly schedules, and role delegation

Guide to Parliamentary Procedure

This booklet provides an overview of Robert’s Rules of Order and a helpful resource for immediate reference in meetings



Sample Clerk of Session Report

A template for formatting your session report

Sample Manuals and Policy Guides for Congregations


Manual of Operations (Sample)

Sample to assist sessions in their responsibility for the development and/or updating of their own Manual of Administrative Operations


Sample Bylaws

5 page sample for writing Bylaws for your congregation


Sexual Misconduct Policy (sample)


Slideshow for Creating Child and Youth Protection Policy


Child Protection Policy

Website provides a sample Child and Youth Protection Policy

View Website


Child and Youth Protection Policy for PC(USA)

Records Review Forms


Session Minutes Review Form


Session Register Review Form

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