By Louise Van Poll

Pioneer & Rimrock Traveling Day Camp (TDC) is a two day unique blend of outdoor ministries and congregational ministry. It is a joint effort between the camp and the congregation. TDC is designed for children who have completed grades K through 5. Pioneer and Rimrock will provide programming (staff, art supplies, game equipment, curriculum resources, and miscellaneous stories and activities) and the congregation will provide support services, promotion of the program, and involvement in the program as arranged between the camp director and the congregation’s coordinator. The curriculum is based on Bible stories and is full of fun and faithful activities.
The purpose of Pioneer & Rimrock Traveling Day Camp is to assist congregations in providing a quality Christian outdoor ministry experience at their site. During this time we hope to get young people enthused about camping, but our bigger concern is to get them enthused about congregational ministry and a life with Christ. Our hope is that the TDC program will be a place for outreach and evangelism in local congregations.
The strength of Pioneer & Rimrock Traveling Day Camp is people. First, TDC teams are comprised of Pioneer and Rimrock staff members who are selected for their Christian commitment and love of children. They are trained to lead Bible studies, worship, singing, crafts, and recreation. Second, the volunteers from the congregation provide the lasting community into which children grow and develop. It is relational ministry and our emphasis is to offer quality Christian role models for young people.
The camp strives to provide the program to congregations across the Presbytery, both close to the camps and further away, but reserves the right to choose the congregations that participate, based in part on the staffing and vehicle needs of the on-site program.
There is only one week available, July 27-31. Staff can come for two days or the full week.
Please contact Camp Director Jason Wiedrich at 605-431-5224 or for further questions or if you would like to sign up.