By Jane Hohm

POSD Moderator

Dear South Dakota Presbyters,

Please read carefully for some “need to know” information:

1. At a called meeting of the Administrative and Coordination Committee on May 21, 2020, action was taken on a recommendation from the Presbytery Planning Committee regarding the July Presbytery meeting, with results as follows:

a. There WILL NOT BE an in-person Presbytery meeting in Hot Springs July 10th and 11th due to COVID-19 concerns and the safety of attendees.
b. There WILL INSTEAD BE a Zoom Meeting July 11th beginning at 9:00 a.m. CENTRAL TIME and ending no later than NOON that Saturday.
c. The meeting will consist of a brief worship service, brief summaries of committee reports, and essential business only.

2. All committee chairs should submit their written Presbytery reports to Cindy Bailey NO LATER than June 22 for inclusion in the mailings sent out ahead of the meeting.

3. As soon as possible after receiving your Presbytery packets (prior to the Zoom Meeting on July 11), please read the reports thoroughly to be prepared for our meeting.

We realize many will be disappointed we aren’t gathering in Hot Springs this summer. However, it was ultimately decided the risks outweigh any possible reward. General Assembly also made the decision to go virtual with their meetings the end of June. We pray these virtual meetings will still be meaningful and effective.

I would also like to share a request from Eleanor Harle. She had planned to present this request in person at our January Presbytery Meeting but was unable to be in Willow Lake that day. Eleanor is asking all of us to join in praying in unison at 6:05 p.m. (central time) on 6/05 (Friday, June 5). She likes 6:05 because it is our area code, and that date makes it easier to remember! She suggests we pray specifically for our Presbytery and also COVID-19 responses (as well as for anything else on our hearts). Please enlighten church members who may also wish to participate; there’s power in numbers! Thank you, Eleanor, for sharing your vision with all of us.

I hope all of you are doing well and managing the best you can amidst the sacrifices and changes required of you during these difficult times. Allow me to close with this blessing. May you find strength to stand strong and resolve to keep walking as you seek God and ask for His strength, insight, and intervention. May you embrace the expectancy that any day now, a breakthrough will come! Don’t give up hope; He’s got you, and you have Him; you’re in this together!

Moderator Jane Hohm