Serving churches far and wide: CRE Program offers renewed hope to congregations

The Ruling Elder Commissioned to Particular Service (CRE) Program was established as a means of fulfilling the Presbytery of South Dakota’s commitment to provide the best possible pastoral leadership for congregations within its bounds. Our CRE program fills this critical need within our congregations throughout the state, especially in small rural congregations that can no longer support a full-time ordained minister. The program is designed to equip ruling elders from these local congregations for this specific task and to do so by supporting the concept that the studies should not be a seminary course in theological education, but rather a practical study to enable dedicated Christians in our congregations to serve their Lord and the congregations of our Presbytery if so called and led to do so.
If you would like to support this ever-growing program and need within the Presbytery of South Dakota we encourage you to double your donation by giving through our matching gifts program. We will match up to $500 per individual, so give now and help smaller congregations continue their service within their local communities and beyond!