Here to serve you.

Within our everchanging world and life in the church we have an unquenched need for additional resources and guidance to help us navigate the new (and old) realities around us. For this reason we are making an effort to ramp up our resources for our local congregations, and in this particular instance, for our clerks of session. Aside from the pastor or CRE within each congregation, the clerk of session is most often the person expected to “have the answers” to all our questions. After all, the clerk is an officer of the church and elected to that important office for a reason! Therefore, we are here to help us all do better as a collective body working within the church to further Christ’s kingdom here on earth, one polity and ministry endeavor at a time.
As a part of this effort I am beginning this new article series specifically for clerks of session and, as a part of our new website launch, I am working diligently to improve the resources we provide for clerks, including an expanded Clerk’s Resources page. Once launched, this webpage will have resources for clerks who are just getting started, historical preservation guidance, sample guides, and a new section called “Becoming the Voice of ‘Yes’” that will help clerks reframe the general perception of their position as the “gatekeeper” who continually gets in the way of the church doing whatever it wants.
If you have a burning question you need answered or if there is a particular resource that would be useful to you, please let me know so we can include it on our new resources page and also perhaps feature it in this new article series. And most importantly, I am here to help! Please reach out to me at any time and I will do my best to walk with you and offer whatever guidance I can to help you out.
Many blessings on your continued work in your role as clerk. Remember that your work is a blessing to your congregation!

Kevin Veldhuisen
Mission Coordinator and Stated Clerk