2018 Spring Gathering

Embracing a New Year

PW Meets for Spring Gathering

More than 40 women gathered in Miller for the PWP Spring Gathering on April 28.

The theme, 'Reflections of Light,' tied in with the theme of the World Wide Gathering being held this summer in Louisville, KY.

Sue Halloway was the Mision Experience guest speaker. Halloway has been a part of more than 25 mission trips to Central America and Africa. Although these trips have a focus of medical, teaching or improved quality of life, she stated that these were only a task or job of a mission, but the real and true mission is spreading the love of Christ.

"And you can do that without ever leaving the country," Halloway said.

"The most important question we ask on our trips is ,'What can I do for you?' That is what we should be asking in all our mission work."

Introducing the PW giving project for this next year was Jeanne Armstrong, Mission-Peace-Justice Coordinator for PW in the Presbytery. The Music and Memory project uses music to help elderly patients find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music using donated Ipods or MP3 players. Armstrong showed videos that showed amazing results.

The business meeting was held after lunch with a time to visit the numerous resource tables. Highlights of the meeting were the election and installation of four coordinating team members. Elected for a second term were Lois Stanfield, treasurer, and Paula Zavitz, search committee member. Installed for their first term were Louise Van Poll, communications coordinator, and Dianne Boatright, spiritual growth coordinator.