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Administration and Coordination 

This ministry serves as the administrative branch of the presbytery and helps support and coordinate the overall mission of the presbytery and its ministries. They serve as the Committee on Representation and are the Trustees of the presbytery.

 Key Responsibilities:

- Coordination of Presbytery’s Mission
- Presbytery Communications
- Long-range planning and strategy
- Property and Legal Matters
- Budget, Finance and Stewardship
- Oversight of Presbytery office and personnel


Commission on Camping And Faith Formation  (CFF)

The Commission on Camping and Faith Formation provides incredible opportunities for individuals and congregations to learn more about their faith and to explore a life in Christ.  

 Key Responsibilities:

- Summer Camp Programs and Retreats
- Youth Rally and Triennium
- Adult Ministry Opportunities
- Visioning and coordinating our outdoor ministry

Congregational and Pastoral Care (CPC)

Congregational and Pastor Care works closely with pastors and congregations.  Whether they are looking for guidance in finding a new call, seeking resources of the Presbytery, or in conflict, this team relates to them and offers a helping hand. CPC is the support system for those providing ministry to our congregations and is the primary liaison for each congregation within the Presbytery.

Key Responsibilities:

- Care and support of congregations, pastors, CREs
- Board of Pensions Liaison
- Ministry to Retired Pastors
- Annual review of minutes and registers

Ministry Development and Education (MDE)

This ministry team focuses on the present and future of this presbytery. It is responsible for inspiring innovation in our presbytery and within each congregation.  They  relate to congregations by developing new ministries, transforming existing ones, and training leaders (such as CREs). They coordinate educational opportunities at Presbytery meetings as well as shepherding any teaching elder inquirers and candidates within the ordination process.

Key Responsibilities:

- Visioning new opportunities for churches
- CRE Education
- Educational Opportunities for POSD
- New Church and Ministry Development
- Congregational Transformation
- Preparation for Ministry
- Mission and Outreach
- Ecumenical Relations and Outreach

Ministry Resource

Ministry Resource works to nominate gifted and skilled people for each ministry.  If you are interested in serving the Presbytery of South Dakota please contact any member of Ministry Resource to receive more information of how you can serve!

Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC)

Response Coordination Team

The response coordination team will serve the congregations and the presbytery during times of crisis, especially in times in which sexual harassment or abuse has been alleged.